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Where do I start - I guess 1998 is a good place to start ; I was always one to go to the doctor's make sure all things were in order with me. That's right dot the I's and cross all my T's, if you know what I mean. My visits to the doctor became more frequent than I wanted them to be. The Primary doctor could not find anything wrong with me and must of sent me to numerous Specialist for my low blood and tiredness - one doctor stated if I was not standing here looking at you I would have to put you in the hospital - you look fine but the test state differently. My last visit to the doctor before the BIG S came into play—my words to the doctor "I am tired of being tired!" What is going on in my life. I could sleep for entire weekend and still be tired. The doctor suggested that I get a chest ex-ray - of course my eyes lit up with concern. The doctor stated that this test would tell it all. Well it did right under our noise and no one detected it. YOU HAVE SARCOIDOSIS THE DOCTOR SAID AND I'M GOING TO SEND YOU TO A PULMONARY DOCTOR - HE WILL PUT YOU ON STEROIDS AND YOU SHOULD BE FINE - OH AND MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR MEDICINE THEY GIVE BECAUSE THERE IS NO CURE...EXCUSE ME COME AGAIN I START THINKING AM I GOING DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why has this happen to me –When am I going to DIE! What do I do now. GOD where are you? This does not fit into my life Where is my date. –it's not schedule in anywhere. I could handle a lot of things but this - the Big S... I had to give in. I went to the Pulmonary .HE EXPLAIN TO ME THAT I WOULD BE FINE ( remember those words) I'm going to do a simple Biopsy to make sure it's not Cancer - can they scare us even more. Thank the Lord for comfort.– My Help Comes from the LORD!!! Ps. 121– July of 1998 I went in the hospital for a simple Biopsy (the doctor even stated that I might be able to go to work) I really had the nerve to believe him. Do not trust man - God Only! When I came out of surgery, I asked what time is it my husband said why you can't go anywhere! I asked the question again he said " look it's 4:05 pm"—not to mind that I went under at 7:45 am. Yes, that's right you heard me 7:45 am. What happen to the time in between all of this. I was able to go home that night , This is when the good stuff starts—Do you remember a good Roller Coaster Ride That's what we felt like for the next 14 Months. I went back to work a week later. This is when the good stuff happen : I found out that I was allergic to Prednisone - my glucose when up to 657 I don't think I will ever forget my co-worker saying sugar you should be dead! God has his hand on you. I spent the next week and half in hospital another two and half at home. I did not return to work until October start out on half days, working myself up to a full week of work.. At this time everyone was willing to work at getting me better except for me. My husband was getting me up in the morning and my daughter was picking me up at work and cooking the dinner. But what was Sherri doing for Sherri (I'm going to tell you—set in with the Devil Mad with God and Thinking about how do I get the old me back). Not knowing that this was God plan anyway. I got up one Sunday Morning wanting to go to church but did not want to go through the motions, so I decide to stay at home. The moment my husband was out the door God begin his work on me. How can you be cured? At that moment I knew that I want to be free of Sarcoidosis and be an Advocate for this Disease. That is when the healing process begin for me. We each have a story to tell—we each want to be free from this hold of Sarcoidosis. As of today I am a Sarcoidosis survivor. This is my story... Email or Blog me yours.

Sherri S. Buie
Snowflakes of Sarcoidosis

Hello my name is Reginald Buie I am the husband of Sherri Buie who has Sarcoidosis. My reason for starting support group was because when I found out that my wife had this disease I wanted to know what I could do to help. I had the idea to educate myself and get the word out about Sarcoidosis to our church (MT. PEACE in Raleigh, NC) and the community at large.

As I watched my wife go through with the disease she never stop fighting. She would always say "just because I'm sick does not mean I have to look like it."! She was and still is a strong woman of God.

We held our first meeting at the church were we had a very good turn out, over fifty people came out and supported us. Dr. Donhue from UNC hospital came out spoke the group of the latest advances in sarcoid research, and we had a question and answer session. This meeting was very helpful in getting the work out about sarcoidosis. We are looking forward to our new website and reaching many more people who are affected with sarcoidosis.

Reginald Buie
Snowflakes of Sarcoidosis

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We are putting together our 1st Snowflakes of Sarcoidosis conference. If you would like to be on the guest list and receive more information as it comes. Please register today!